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John Morgan

I’ll be skipping over FSX. I’ve had it since it came out, but I could run FS9 with max settings and high-detail add-ons while FSX never ran on any computer I’ve had unless I removed add-ons and ran with minimum settings. Though, FS5, FS95, and FS98 were the only ones I upgraded to sequentially. I moved on to the Terminal Reality series between FS98 and FS9.

I’ve looked at the Orbx stuff and I’m hoping for holiday sales. Especially since they have Felts Field (KSFF) where I took my first flight lesson and Kenai Municipal (PAEN) where I flew out of the first 14 years of my life (starting two weeks after my birth). If they develop Spokane International (KGEG) and Portland-Hillsboro (KHIO) my wallet and marriage may suffer. This past February they apparently had a 70% off sale for first-time customers and I may wait them out to see if it comes back around. From what I’ve seen though, I’ll definitely be snagging it when I can afford it.

I’m definitely grabbing Active Sky as I’ve been using it since version 6 and currently am using ASE (which apparently still grants me a discount on AS16/ASP4). I also understand it’s what drives the WXR in the PMDG NGX. Do you prefer REX SF3D over Hi-Fi ASCA? I’m having a hard time from videos and reviews determining which does a better job.

The processor, Blu-ray drive, and case already arrived as of today. Already I’ve hit a snag with the case as it’s much larger than I was envisioning and doesn’t fit under my desk where I’d hoped. However, going from a full to mid tower only shaves an inch and a half on how far it’ll stick out (still 3 inches into where my chair should sit). I measured but realized I hit the wall with the tape measure and forgot there is a cross-member support. I’m just going to have to find a different storage spot for all my flight sim peripherals besides piled on each other the floor under my desk when not in use. This is probably a good thing.

Sorry for hijacking your thread, Ian. Having re-read your post after catching up on about 20 years of technology, I think your GPU is adequate without jumping up to the RTX 20 series unless you want to “future proof” and your RAM is fine even if a lower speed though it might be worth adding more if you’ve got the slots. The CPU is most-likely the bottleneck in the system. So you may get away with getting just the newer processor and the motherboard to support it for around $500-600. I ultimately was fighting between the GTX 1070 and the RTX 2070 Super. I went with the RTX only because the pricing was similar at time of purchase. After a year of the RTX being out, not much has adopted ray-tracing which is about all it has over the GTX line. If I had the GTX1070 already, there just wouldn’t be much incentive for me to shell out for the RTX right now.

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