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John Morgan

Now that I’ve had a few opportunities to try it, as you know, I really like the improvements. The half duplexing is a little frustrating during heavy traffic events only because so many still seem used to the old way and that buzz in the headset can get a little loud sometimes. The distance-based distortion is a nice touch.

I haven’t flown near any storms yet, so I don’t know if they’ve added any weather-based effects. It would be kind of cool to hear those static bursts from lightning strikes. I remember Reality-XP’s ADF gauge in the Flightline N package would spike toward lightning strikes as in the real-world along with getting wonky in certain weather conditions, so it is possible to simulate. Though the only possible issue I could see is since each sim is depicting the weather differently, it might be hard to talk between strikes when not everyone is avoiding talking through the same static bursts.

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