WELCOME TO MidContinent Airlines

MidContinent was, at one point, a real airline in the 1930’s until it was acquired by Braniff. MidCon’s simulated heritage dates back to the early 1990’s as a cargo carrier created as a supplement to the very popular ATP-based passenger airline SunAir.​​

MidContinent Airlines was redesigned in 2003 to form a route structure that closely resembled what was then a hypothetical merger between​ U.S. Airways and America West Airlines.  In 2012 MidCon returned to it’s Midwest roots with an updated route structure and hub located at Kansas City, the heart of Mid-America. ​​​

MidContinent Airlines is designed to maximize as much real world practice and procedure as practical within the bounds of modern flight simulation. Because of this attention to detail and real world procedure MidCon might not be for everyone.  MidCon is geared more toward the flight simulation hobbyist who is interested in developing a simulated airline ‘career’ rather than the casual user.​

All pilots are hired as First Officers and are trained to fly one type of aircraft in accordance with FAR’s and company policy. Transition requests or assignment to other fleet types are granted based solely on the needs of the airline.​​

MidContinent Airlines was the first simulated air carrier to provide FAR 121 compliant initial, recurrent, transition, and upgrade training curricula, and is currently the only airline conducting training and pilot qualification under an AQP program. 

Join us today and see why MidCon is “more airline, and less virtual”.


Pilots 7
Aircraft in fleet 83
Routes 576
Total hours: 2458.29
Flights total 61
Flights Regular 61
Flights Charter 0
% Flights Regular 100.00 %


CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateFlight Time
MCA461Eric Hill  KMCI  KJFK 2019-05-25 2.31
MCA461Eric Hill  CYWG  KMCI 2019-05-25 1.67
MCA461Eric Hill  KMCI  CYWG 2019-05-25 1.67
MCA461Eric Hill  KMDW  KMCI 2019-05-25 1.05
MCA461Eric Hill  KMCI  KMDW 2019-05-25 1.05


MCA504-Francesco Canale2019-05-22
MCA467-Matt Bartels2019-05-02
MCA465-John Morgan2019-05-01
MCA436-Bill Meyers2019-04-20
MCA461-Eric Hill2019-04-19






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